Every adult should have a last Will and Testament. This vital document appoints a spouse, family member, or friend to carry out the administration of one’s Estate in the event of death. The person appointed (Trustee) is charged with carrying out the wishes and plans specified in the Will. This document outlines the instructions and plan to be followed concerning the distribution of one’s assets and property, the payment of debts and taxes, donations to charities and community organizations, and even interment arrangements. The Will document will result in your Estate being administered in a straightforward, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

The complexity of the Will document is directly related to the nature and extent of the assets and property comprising your Estate. In most cases, a standard Will document will be sufficient to ensure the proper administration of your Estate. In some cases, consideration will need to be given to more specialized Will provisions to deal with cottage property, a trust for a disabled child, or a life interest in funds or property to benefit a loved one. In other cases, additional Estate documents may be necessary to accomplish your Estate planning goals in relation to seasonal recreational property, the establishment of a family trust, or a corporate succession plan.

Whether your Estate is simple or complex, the Menear Worrad Amin & Associates Estate Team is ready to provide you with the legal expertise and services you need.