Every adult should have a last Will and Testament. This vital document appoints a spouse…

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Powers of Attorney


Completing Power of Attorney documents is no less important than having a…

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Estate Planning


There is more to the planning of your Estate than the making of a…

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Special situations require special Estate tools. If you desire to make provision in your…

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Estate Administration


When a person dies, the Will becomes effective. The spouse, family member…

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If a person dies without a Will, they are said to have died “intestate.” This means that there….

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Estate Litigation


There are many legal issues that can result from the death of an individual…

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Menear Worrad Amin & Associates offers a full range of Estate services including the making of Wills, drafting Power of Attorney documents, assistance in formulating an overall Estate plan, the administration of an Estate in the event of death, establishing Trusts, and conducting court cases relating to these matters. The Estate Team of Menear Worrad Amin & Associates has more than 25 years of experience in the preparation of Estate documents, the provision of Estate administration services, and the handling of court cases involving Wills and Trusts. Estate matters often arise in the context of difficult and complex personal and family relationships. Our Team of lawyers is highly skilled and experienced in dealing not only with the legal issues, but also the social dynamics resulting from the same. Furthermore, our knowledgeable and capable staff takes pride in the services and support they provide to our Estate clients.

Legal Team

Michael A. Menear, LLB

Karen E. MacDonald, LLB

Jacob C. Worrad, LL.B

Janet, Wills and Estates Clerk

Sue Rabideau, Wills and Estates Clerk

Gail Twohey, Senior Estates Administrator