If you are in a marriage or relationship that is in difficulty, you need to be informed of your rights and obligations under family law. We encourage you to contact our office to arrange an initial interview for this purpose. You will be informed about your rights and obligations under the Family Law Act, Divorce Act, Succession Law Reform Act, and other legislation which has been enacted to deal with the legal consequences of the breakdown of a marriage or relationship. The decisions you make prior to separation are critical. Decisions at this stage often have a profound effect on your ongoing relationship with your children, the occupation and disposition of your home, the division of your other property, and the financial means you have to maintain yourself. Therefore, it is imperative that a careful plan be devised while remaining in the marriage or relationship during the difficult period. Similarly, careful consideration needs to be given to the decisions comprising a separation plan if the breakdown of the marriage or relationship is imminent. The Menear Worrad Amin & Associates Family Law Team will help you make these decisions and formulate such a plan while remaining mindful of the personal and family consequences that will result.