Whether you are planning to marry or live together with a partner in an intimate relationship, consideration should be given to working out the principles and rules on matters relating to the raising of children, occupying a home, owning property, operating a business, and even support obligations in the event of a breakdown of the marriage or relationship, and in the event of the death of one of the parties. Our Family Law Team has the expertise to provide you with the advice you need and to assist you with the development of a plan to deal with these legal matters. Your decisions will be incorporated into the terms of a marriage or cohabitation contract.

All relationships are not the same, nor are they treated the same in law. Family law rights and obligations are different for married couples compared to others in unmarried personal relationships. Our Family Law Team will help you understand those differences to craft a marriage or cohabitation contract that meets your personal needs and goals.

Marriage and cohabitation contracts are particularly important for middle-aged persons and those entering a new marriage or forming another personal partnership after the breakdown of a previous marriage or relationship. There are special estate planning matters that need to be carefully considered at the outset. The lawyers and staff of the Menear Worrad Amin & Associates Family Law Team are committed to helping you address these legal complexities to formulate the best contractual plan for you in your particular circumstances.