Marriage and Cohabitation Contracts


Whether you are planning to marry or live together…

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Pre-Separation Advice


If you are in a marriage or relationship that is in difficulty, you need to be informed…

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Separation Contract


In the event of the breakdown of a marriage or intimate relationship…

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Court Determination


In some family law cases, settlement through negotiations, mediation…

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Future Changes


Circumstances often change after a negotiated settlement has been achieved or a…

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The Challenge

The breakdown of a marriage, and any other intimate relationship, occasions a profound personal crisis having legal, financial, moral, emotional, and even religious consequences for the parties involved. In addition, marriage and relational breakdown has similar effects on the families of each party. The Family Law Team at Menear Worrad Amin & Associates is particularly skilled in handling the legal dimensions of the breakdown of a marriage or relationship, including custody, access, child support, special expense contribution, spousal support, occupation of matrimonial home, and division of property, along with the tax and estate implications arising from these legal matters. At the same time, Our Family Law Team will answer your questions, respect your decisions, and guide you through the difficult process which results from a marriage or relationship breakdown. We give special attention to the advice you need prior to a separation to achieve maximum strategic advantage while minimizing emotional upset and turmoil. We are dedicated to achieving results in a fair, expeditious, and results-oriented manner. While achieving results will usually entail “out of court” settlement negotiations and may involve mediation or arbitration, the Menear Worrad Amin & Associates Law Team provides experienced family law representation at the Ontario and Superior Court levels.

Legal Team

Michael A. Menear, LLB

Janet, Family Law Clerk

Michael H. Murray, LLB

Paula McNeil, Family Law Clerk